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Asset &

investment Recovery

Our goal at Nacirema Demolition and Recycling, Inc. (“Nacirema”) is to help our clients offset the cost of demolition through various investment and asset recovery practices.

Scrap Metal Value vs Used Equipment Value

Nacirema does a full assessment of each project to evaluate the value of items as scrap metal versus finding buyers for the equipment, surplus and inventory. We have numerous relationships in the industry with used equipment buyers, auctioneers, inventory liquidators, etc. that can maximize the return on these assets versus the value as just scrap metal.

Through these relationships, we can sell equipment, inventory and surplus at a much higher rate than just scrapping the materials. This in turn helps us offset the cost of the demolition project for our client.

Our asset and investment recovery services apply to a wide range of industries or types of buildings. Some of the types of industries or equipment that are applicable to our services include data centers, pharmaceutical and manufacturing equipment, generators and switchgear, turbines, boilers, compressors, pumps and valves, other types of mechanical and electrical equipment, production equipment, materials handling equipment, refrigeration equipment and panels, heavy duty pallet racking, raised flooring and architectural salvage.

Scrap Metal Recycling

If we exhaust our options to find a buyer for the surplus equipment and items, we then utilize our in-house scrap metal recycling experts as well as numerous industry contacts. Nacirema has very strong relationships in the scrap recycling industry that allow us to ship direct to mills versus having to deal with intermediary yards.

On each project, Nacirema separates all non-ferrous scrap metals (copper, aluminum, brass, etc.) from ferrous scrap metals (steel, cast, etc.). All copper wire and cables are stripped to the extent possible to maximize the return on the scrap metal. We will typically process the scrap metals onsite and thus receive the best pricing for our scrap metals.

Relocation of Equipment

What if you need to save some of the equipment for use at another facility or location? That is not an issue for Nacirema. We can provide our clients the rigging, transportation and even the re-installation services associated with saving equipment from one site and relocating it to another.

Certified Destruction

If your project requires certified destruction of equipment or surplus, we can provide the proper documentation. We can document the destruction via photographs, videos as well as recycling/disposal paperwork.

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