“Providing Demolition and Recycling
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Nacirema Demolition and Recycling, Inc. (“Nacirema”) is an expert in the dismantling of equipment and structures. Every dismantling project starts with an evaluation of assets, implementing a site-specific safety plan and then effectively executing the project on schedule.


Every dismantling project is performed using OSHA trained laborers and operators. A site-specific safety plan is developed for the project along with an OSHA Engineering Survey. Toolbox talks or JSAs are performed on a daily basis along with frequent safety inspections by ownership.

Asset Evaluation

We have the ability to dismantle boilers, chillers, mezzanines, mechanical equipment, production equipment, tanks and reactors and other equipment and structures

We perform an asset evaluation of the equipment that needs to be dismantled and removed to maximize returns. We determine if the equipment can be re-sold as used equipment at a higher value than scrap value. If the equipment has no resale value, then we work with our scrap recycling contacts to obtain the highest value for the scrap metals. This method allows us to help offset the dismantling costs for our clients.

Dismantling and Removal Operations

The dismantling and removal operations utilize an OSHA trained workforce with equipment that can include forklifts, lulls, skid steers, small excavators, gantry cranes and regular cranes, machine skates and other specialized equipment. The project is overseen by a Supervisor as well as the ownership of Nacirema. The team ensures that the project is performed as per specifications, that all safety rules and regulation are abided and that the project schedule is met.

We look forward to working with you on your next dismantling project. Feel free to call or email us for a proposal or estimate.