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Most demolition projects have environmental issues that need to be properly addressed and remediated or abated. Nacirema Demolition and Recycling, Inc. (“Nacirema”) provides a wide range of environmental remediation services.

Asbestos Abatement

We can assist clients through the initial survey to the actual abatement of asbestos containing materials (ACM). Depending on the age of the structure, there can be numerous types of ACMs in or on the structure including roofing, caulking, tile, mastics and insulations. These ACMs need to be properly abated and removed prior to demolition. Nacirema handles the whole abatement process and provides the required notifications and abatement documentation.

Universal Wastes

The federal regulations identify four specific categories of materials that can be managed as universal wastes: batteries, pesticides, mercury-containing equipment and lamps. Nacirema collects, packages and send these materials to an approved recycling facility. We also provide our clients with manifests and disposal documentation.

Contaminated Soils

Nacirema can also handle the excavation and disposal of contaminated soils or unsuitable soils. We provide a turn-key operation that includes excavation of the soils and loading of the soils into trucks for offsite disposal. All loads are tracked and all disposal documentation is provided upon completion

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